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Susan Kamlan started IHCYR in 2003, with a prayer for a mission field in her backyard sharing the love of Jesus Christ here in the United States through horses. Education in Horse Training and Management, Show Team,  Professional Horse Trainer/Pine Run Ranch, Rushlow Arabian Farm, Trail Judge,4-H Rater and General Leader/Horse Leader, Certified Horsemanship Association English/Western,  Equine Assisted Therapy/Equine Assisted  Learning - O.K. Corral with Greg Kersten who Co-Founder Eagala,-Wrote and taught All about Horses-Saddle Up your Horses/Wonderful World of Horse classes  at HCEC. 

Being involved at church and supporting many people travel on mission trips, and feeling the need  locally for children  in our community who need His love, care and a safe place to grow in grace and enjoy horses, this journey began.   I started offering small group sessions and teaching  All about Horses, Saddle Up Your Horses, and Wonderful World of Horses at High County Home Education.  Establishing a 501(c)3 non-profit with the  help of my parents to process all the endless paperwork for submission and was approved in 2005.  IHCYR moved from Falcon to a large facility at Prairie Springs and Susan started the Kent Feed Store on the East side of Colorado Springs until the owner leased the facility out and IHCYR  needed to move entirely in Falcon. The Lord knows what is best and we always know IHCYR is His in every way. In 2018 the office remains at the original site, and riding  lesson instruction is done at Armada Bay, Latigo Trails, Trail riding or other offsite riding. The Horse Care & Anatomy Educational Classes (WWH,AAH) that were previously taught at HCHE are now offered at our office location with free horse time T&T  riding following  the classes.  We desire above all to honor Him as best as we can showing his truth and grace in love by demonstrating how our relationship with horses relates to the relationship we have with Him.  The way we need to yield to God, renew our minds,  have safe boundaries, see the  beauty , grace and love we all need from Him parallel what horses need.  Relationships with horses and people require observing, listening, communication, patience, boundaries in which we are always  in process.  Horses need this from us in the same way we do with one another and it is what I believe we are given  from Jesus Christ.  My personal journey began in 1975 when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord, with  many years  of beauty, pain and loss.

The love for horses has always been in my  passion and a deep respect for their beauty, strength, emotion, mind and heart.  The Lord gave me this to write - Dedicated to my 3 sons and mom, grandma husband who had a severe head injury and took his own life..all passed from this life ..see you soon...and  to all those who have been in abusive situations. God is my All in All and he gave me the passion for horses to share His passion for us. With His grace  and mercy  it continues, as He wills.


If God was more - the hurt would be less

By silence, to listen and to hear , the voice of life in this place

Ask  the question - Do you hear, 

Do you sit, Do you wait -Or do you run with noise,  

  to silence or mask the pain that you can never remove yourself from?   

It will go with you everywhere -Or,   you can hear My voice,  -

 and move and flow in My being -

The tears and pain , I will carry,

Bask in My love - Hear My love, live in My love - it will give you life -

Do you want this life---I wait for you, Come -Come - Be with Me.

                             Words from Heaven to my heart..

I hope your journey will be one of love, grace and passion as we  are part of your story...We live, because He Lives.....Susan

Board Members Janet Notsch volunteers as she has time from her job with children, Jan is so wiling to  help feed and care for the horses here at IHCYR. Janet has been with IHCYR since we  began and continues to be a huge support in prayer, and volunteering. Her encouragement is so appreciated and so willing to help and works full time in District 49!

Board Member Leroy Walter helps with our finances and oversees the end of the year and tax forms for IHCYR. We appreciate his financial help when we have emergencies and has always been wiling to stop in and help us when things get tough!


Board Member Patricia Umholtz our dear friend past away June, 2020. We miss her dearly and is a cherished part of IHCYR. Past was  always willing to step in and help whenever we need  it especially in the summertime an many of her vacations here at the camps. She worked full time at the hospital.

Board Member Cassie Hollers   offers support on listing horses and is in College.Cassie has her own beautiful horse, Zena and loves her and cares for her and has trained her! They have a beautiful partnership together!

Previous Board Members:

Michelle Giordiano

- Amazing, and so very  thankful for her service , prayers and friendship hours and hours of helping children!- moved to TX

Bob Bakko

- Appreciate the time and imput he gave to our Board meetings and financial help  with projects.

Mike Leary

- Appreciate his time and love for working on projects.

Erika Bakko came to IHCYR in 2013 looking for lesson for her daughter. She started volunteering and was mentored by Susan for almost 3 years.  .

Erika had a passion for horses since she was was a little girl, growing up in Montana riding in the mountains.  Coming to IHCYR's barn brought an adventure of new knowledge and training, and  brought me new life in my heart.  I recently became a single mom of my 3 kids, Eli, Gretta, and Brynlee.

 Erika   recently(2016/2017) completed training with Eagala for Equine assisted therapy and Path Equine Specialist Certification. Being at IHCYR helped to gain the necessary hours for the certification programs. Erika is currently workingfor Reining Hope now located in Falcon, CO  helping families and children with her passion for horses and healing.  Erika is also available for EAT and Adaptive Riding and Lessons at Reining Hope Therapy Services.

Kristin Umholz began riding lessons with Susan since she was a little girl.

Back then I was taking lessons and did the Horse and Horseless Horse Projects in 4-H. I have grown up with IHCYR and have watched as it has grown up as well.

I first started with horses when I was about 5 years old in Arizona taking lessons, then my family moved, here, to Colorado. We were very thankful and blessed to be able to find Susan and her beautiful mission field, with horses, in her back yard.

I am now married, have moved to Florida and have a wonderful daughter!

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