Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT) is available though a Private Christ based Counseling Center. IHCYR offers horses  and Certified Professional to assist with the Therapist for EAT. All Costs are set up through Abiding Hope not IHCYR.   Contact:  Abiding Hope Counseling  Elizabeth Moffitt, MA, LPCC, NCC (National Board Certified Counselor)

Email:  emoffitt.ah@pm.me   Call or Text: 719-285-7466   ahcolorado.com

Office is Located in downtown Colorado Springs, CO

Equine Assisted Learning offered from IHCYR for these sessions:


EAL - Equine Assisted Learning is offered for individuals and families certified by O.K. Corral Certified Professional.  The learning atmosphere with the horses adds a unique  interactive way to grow  confidence, increase motivation to problem solve and Re-Circle life's obstacles and opportunities for personal growth.


Horse Powered Reading/ Horses Amazing Math is part of our Equine Assisted Learning programs. (HPR-HAM)students learn basic reading and math skills with horses in our hands on class. 

How do horses help teach reading and math?

Using Equine assisted Learning, students are given the opportunity to see and experience  interacting with the horses or ponies to improve or learn reading or math skills.  The horse are involved in the learning process by  responding to the student giving immediate responses and interactive learning.  This helps  build confidence, leadership, and patience.  The unique and calm, relaxed encouraging setting takes the pressure off the student by  opening the doors for a new fun way to accomplish decoding, processing, sequencing, cause and effect, special awareness, rhyming. Biblical themes and analogies are used  to encourage an awareness of the greatness of God, His faithfulness and how wonderfully we are made, we hope will encourage each student  for practical life application and the beauty of the horse, themselves and Gods amazing creation. 

What's next and what can you expect?

This is not a riding lesson, the work is all done on the ground, there may be occasions through EAL that we will have your student mounted for a portion of the session through the use of O.K. Corral and the mounted exercises  which is different from EAGALA where no mounted work is used.


EAL Suggested Donation- $30.00

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