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                    Equine Education Class

                    Wonderful World of Horses- WWH  All About  Horses- AAH

                    Equine Assisted Activities -EAL/EAP

                    Horse Powered Reading/Horse Amazing Math

                    Women's/Youth Bible Study Horse Fellowship

                    Community Programs - Pima Medical Institute,PPCC

                    Horse Drawing /Art Classes

                    IHCYR  Horsemanship Days and VillaSport


We would love to serve and set up an appointment time before attending any class to see what would be best suited for you and have you meet our horses!

All activities and sessions will begin in prayer, themed with specific Biblical principals that represent the yielding of the horses in the same manner our lives need to yield to God and learn of His great love for us!

  •  We desire above all to honor God as best as we can showing His  grace and truth in love by demonstrating how our relationship   with horses relates to the relationship we have with Him. Youth Bible Study Horse Fellowship - following some of our sessions at the end of the days sessions.
  • Schedule a time  to see what would be best suited for you and get acquainted. ( we can also do video call)

  • Please  text or email, (texting will get the fastest response) Calls will be returned as prompt as possible, we are all volunteers.

Join our Equine Education Session  - Sessions will start back up May 2024. This is a great place to get started! This is donation based Equine session is on the Third Sunday each month 2:30 - 3:30 (weather permitting).  Sessions are limited. Advanced Registration is Required. Sessions are focused on Safety, haltering, leading, grooming and health care. We will have guest speakers occasionally and discuss training, horse behavior and specific areas of horse are and horse ownership. Suggested donation $10.00 per person/$25 per family/$40 for a group/club. 

Health and Safety If you have any illness, please cancel your sessions and use the hand sanitizer before using any equipment. We clean all equipment and waiting room area and appreciate your understanding as we all help to keep each other healthy. We do not require masks and ask that you respect the safety guidelines.


  • We offer Equine Education now at our office location  that were previously taught in the class room setting  at High Country on Horse Care & Anatomy Educational Classes (WWH & AAH) with weekly free field trips to IHCYR that offered ride time and foundational skills on horse care using the CHA curriculum and other resources  ( there is not extra cost for the ride time) and have some homework assignments and will include a presentation. 

  • Focus on Equine Education/horsemanship skills .

  • Many People ask about Horsemanship Instruction -  IHCYR Offers Educational classes  THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF HORSES(WWH) Level 1 & ALL ABOUT HORSES (AAH) Level 2,3,4 SESSIONS. Focus on Equine Education/horsemanship skills. The funding from these sessions  make it possible to  continue offering these classes to support the horses and mission to serve youth and individuals in our community. We are able to  continue our work Rescue/Rehabilitation horses in our programs. All horses  here are involved in all or in some aspect of IHCYR.


  • We will combine sessions as needed to maintain a group setting if you have not specified for  a private class.  

  • WWH and AAH Levels - both can participate by invitation for offsite riding. Volunteer time can be set up after your sessions in advance to maintain health safety guidelines.

  • WWH and AAH are Small groups - 4 sessions $136.00  55 min each session

  • Private sessions - CHA Certified Instructor 40-45 min sessions - $45 each or 4 sessions -$160

  •  We offer offsite trail riding when Level 2 is completed in the sessions. These sessions have a fee involved for trailering and the ride time - minimum of $45 depending on location and length of the trail ride time.

  • Cancellation policy - 24 hour notice if not able to  attend or it will count for a session- you do no lose a session if we close due to weather or if we cancel your session due to an emergency.

  • Donations are  necessary to continue offering these programs and classes.  for the support of the horses in our care are greatly appreciated! - feed,farrier, supplements, blankets, fly  masks vet care as needed. We appreciate donations above the educational class fees! 

  • We Do Not Rent Horses - We are an Educationally based Equine program. All Horses are involved in some or all 

  • aspects of IHCYR.

  • Equine Assisted Learning: 45 min sessions O.K. Corral Series - Life Skills and Crisis to O.K.  EAL sessions HPR and Horse Amazing Math are offered

  • Suggested Donation for EAL sessions is  $30

  • Horse Powered Reading (HPR) and Horse Amazing Math  (HAM)    

  • Experiential learning that nurtures the development of life skills such as trust, respect, honesty and communication interactively with horses.

  • There are unique activities developed for each student

  • Contact IHCYR to schedule Equine Assisted Learning sessions.

  • .

  • Volunteer Requirements:Youth need to be in a current session or Adults (18 +) set up an appointment and fill out a volunteer application and must have horse experience. We a schedule volunteer hour to help care for the horses. (cleaning, feeding, grooming) We set up volunteer's times on an individual basis. 

  • Social Programs

  • Pima Medical Institute Labs 

  • IHCYR will assist specific types of court ordered community service. We no longer participate with Front Range Community Service  Appointments are mandatory. Parent/Guardian must supervise minors for any type of community service

  • Pikes Peak Community College Externships

 IHCYR  Equine Weeks/ Half Day Sessions-contact us if you would like information -  no sessions dates are set at this time Previous years we have had groups in  age ranges from; 7-8,  9-12, 13- 17. Time :9:30 am - 4:00:pm. or 9:30 - 1:00, and were 2 - 5 days. 

-VillaSport Horse Days -2022 Saturday January 30 - EXPO at villa with our petting zoo

ALL REGISTRATION IS DONE BY VILLASPORT AND IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL PRICING. WE DO NOT SET PRICES FOR SESSIONS.  Club:719-522-1221  5904 Prairie Schooner Dr. -Register to set up your time!  

AGES 7-8 and 9-12 These are an important fundraiser for IHCYR (Susan Kamlan -CHA Riding Instructor) and many volunteers will be donating their time. The leaders create a supportive, encouraging atmosphere to help your child gain confidence and skills.These are days filled with  learning about horse with  a variety of  with horse games, building teamwork with horses and each other.  Activities  include understanding horse behavior, Re-Circling skills, CHA Horsemanship principles, horse care,  instruction in safety, including  the responsibilities of owning a horse; shelter needs, anatomy, We will teach how to tack up a horse and parts of bridle, bitless bridles,  with English and Western disciplines.  Basics of Showmanship at Halter skills and patterns.    Daily-horse related care, grooming/ bathing the horses and ground exercises, line driving,  crafts and games. Miniature Horses /donkey, and horses of various breeds will be part of the classes. We hope to have fun understanding these amazing animals.What to bring:  Water bottle, lunch, snacks for your child, hat that covers ears, warm jacket. What to wear: Sunscreen, ball caps,  Long pants, boot( hard and smooth sole, at lease one inch heel that covers the ankle.On horse bathing days, shorts are allowed

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